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These days businesses let their customers choose how they want to do business. Be it by letter, fax, telephone or over the internet. 

10 benefits of using just Booking to allow your customers to provisionally book over the internet:
Customers can make instant decisions which makes booking quick and simple.
Extra booking channel will lead to more bookings.
Always 'open' means your customers can book at times which suit them.
No middle men means no commission or booking fees.
Fax or SMS notification (when used) enables quicker response.
Online availability means fewer enquiries for already booked weeks.
You have an online booking service as efficient as any agency.
Very flexible meaning it can be used in conjunction with an agent.
Hassle free online control page for ease of use.
You take all monies and stay in control of all bookings at all times (which should eliminate double bookings).
  And the ultimate benefit:

Promote your available weeks automatically on availability searches throughout the internet as demonstrated
below. This also shows some of our many happy customers.

Availability Search

Some other web sites where the availability search can be found include: